What Creates Change and What Kills it

  • What Creates Change and What Kills it

There are three phases to time as we know it. Each phase contains clues to what creates change and what kills it.

There is the past, the present and the future.

Set in stone, the past is what has happened, and you can’t change it and where we are now in time is the present moment. The future hasn’t happened yet.

In the present, we can choose to make changes. But, we can’t change the future because it hasn’t happened yet and the past cannot be changed. Our power only exists in the present.

I’m Not Happy – How Do I Create Change?

If you’re not happy with where you are in the present, you have to change something to get a different result.

You can look at the past and use the past as a lesson. From the past, we can determine what we want in life. Use your negative experiences from the past to see what you need to do to effect change.

This is a common approach to change. Some people, however, will look at the future and design how they want the future to look. This, in turn, shows them what needs to be done in the present to get that outcome. Either approach will work.

Using the past to motivate change is an act of moving away from pain. However, using the future to motivate change is moving towards pleasure. Moving away from pain or moving towards pleasure are the two great motivators for human beings.

A Barrier to Change

The barrier to this working with any degree of success lies in our tendency to look back at the past and blame others. We blame them for our current situation or blame the Universe or God for whatever for what’s happened to us. By dwelling on this, we get stuck back in the past where we cannot make any changes.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t feel pain about things that have happened to you. You should be upset about something that happened to you. Just don’t stay there.

I am saying that if we allow ourselves to be bound back in the area of time in which we have no power, we become stuck. We must focus on the changes we can make in the present to move forward.

As easy as this might sound, it is not easy to decide that you will live life from this point forward. But you need to in order to see the change that you want. It takes effort not to focus back on the past. This effort is easier when you have the support of others.

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Written by StartPoint Counsellor Tracey Janke