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The Fourth Horseman is STONEWALLING
Stonewalling occurs when someone completely withdraws from a conflict discussion and no longer responds to their partner.

Nobody does anything in this life without starting with expectations about how it should work. When our expectations are not met, even if they are not well defined, we …

In a relationship facing difficulties, it is common that each partner believes that the other partner is largely responsible for the issues that they have.

Identifying what it is that you are looking for in your relationship is a good first step because most people don’t do this. While they don’t clearly define their expectations, on some level…

“I love my partner, but I am not in love with them”, is a common statement that relationship specialists hear during their work with couples. What exactly do we mean when we say this?

We understand that many people have the following questions when it comes to communicating with their partner.
Why can’t my partner understand where I am coming from?
Why do we disagree on so many things?
Why can’t they see common sense?