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There are three phases to time as we know it… There is the past, the present and the future. It takes effort not to focus back on the past, be in the present, and aim for the future.

There are three parts to making a change. Firstly I need to believe that I CAN. Without believing that I CAN, obviously, I cannot. I need to be in a place where my beliefs…

When it comes to the things that we want in our relationships, we tend to use very vague or generic terms. Since these terms are not clearly defined we have no idea how to get there.

Often failure in life is blamed on a lack of willpower. There is, however, increasing evidence that what you “see” happening is what is holding you back.

So ready means that you are prepared for things to change but without being willing for things to change nothing will change.

In my practice, clients come to me because they want to change, but the thing that I do observe is that some change and some do not.
Some people get frustrated with the process and stop coming.
Others power ahead, get breakthroughs and change their life.

So the real question is what makes it work for one, but not the other?

We are now almost a month into 2021 so the enthusiasm of the start of the New Year is probably waning a little bit and the cold hard truth that this is just another year is starting to set in. Same old, same old. But you can change that if you want to.