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Because we know that not all relationships are beneficial for us, we approach any relationship with one question in mind.

It is not sufficient to want something because someone else has it. You must want it for yourself.

So ready means that you are prepared for things to change but without being willing for things to change nothing will change.

Shame causes us to overreact to things that happen in our lives as these events trigger painful and shameful memories which can lead to reactions of anger and despair.

Shame is an inner experience. It is a sense of not being wanted, unlovable, and a belief that one is fundamentally bad producing a feeling of not belonging.

While life follows a safe routine day-to-day, and I know what I’m doing and what’s likely to happen, I have a certain degree of security and an idea of who I am. However, life is currently changing, and we are not quite sure where it can end up or indeed, how it is going to look.