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Disagreements can be a healthy part of a relationship. We are different people and, therefore, will not always see things the same way. When we disagree, we can express our needs and show our partner how we feel. This should happen in the present moment and shouldn’t be linked to the past.

The same word “love” in the English language is used for multiple different types of love. When people say I love you, but I am not in love with you, they mean I care deeply about you, but I no longer have a connection.

Broken trust in a relationship cannot be fixed by confining the problem to the past and moving on. There is no simple way to undo the damage. To commence the process of rebuilding trust the untrustworthy party must show they clearly understand what their partner has felt and experienced.

“I love my partner, but I am not in love with them”, is a common statement that relationship specialists hear during their work with couples. What exactly do we mean when we say this?

Smartphones skew our connection to the world by making us focus more on the people who are not present rather than those who are present with us.

Because we know that not all relationships are beneficial for us, we approach any relationship with one question in mind.

Our experiences with our caregivers create within us the means by which we understand the world, ourselves and how relationships work.

This difference in meaning leads to misunderstanding and at times conflict. This sort of conflict is something that we see often at StartPoint Counselling.