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The same word “love” in the English language is used for multiple different types of love. When people say I love you, but I am not in love with you, they mean I care deeply about you, but I no longer have a connection.

Smartphones skew our connection to the world by making us focus more on the people who are not present rather than those who are present with us.

Because we know that not all relationships are beneficial for us, we approach any relationship with one question in mind.

Some couples came to see me in the hopes of repairing their relationship last month, but they have left things to go to the point that extensive damage has occurred in their relationship.

Sometimes children can benefit from therapy. It may address some issues the school has told you about, attention difficulties, difficulty managing tasks and getting upset or angry or complaints of being bullied or doing the bullying.

Our experiences with our caregivers create within us the means by which we understand the world, ourselves and how relationships work.

The Development Model shows relationships going through five stages. The stage that you are at indicates how the relationship is developing.

This difference in meaning leads to misunderstanding and at times conflict. This sort of conflict is something that we see often at StartPoint Counselling.