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Disagreements can be a healthy part of a relationship. We are different people and, therefore, will not always see things the same way. When we disagree, we can express our needs and show our partner how we feel. This should happen in the present moment and shouldn’t be linked to the past.

The Fourth Horseman is STONEWALLING
Stonewalling occurs when someone completely withdraws from a conflict discussion and no longer responds to their partner.

Some couples came to see me in the hopes of repairing their relationship last month, but they have left things to go to the point that extensive damage has occurred in their relationship.

The Development Model shows relationships going through five stages. The stage that you are at indicates how the relationship is developing.

Shame causes us to overreact to things that happen in our lives as these events trigger painful and shameful memories which can lead to reactions of anger and despair.

Shame is an inner experience. It is a sense of not being wanted, unlovable, and a belief that one is fundamentally bad producing a feeling of not belonging.