Stop Fear and Anxiety from Paralysing You

  • Fear and Aniety

Origin of Fear and Anxiety

Fear of the future is something many people suffer from. Fear can manifest itself in different ways for different people. It leads to anxiety and is one of the most difficult emotions to deal with on your own.

Fear feels very real and scary, especially when you experience it every day. It becomes an overwhelming experience. Fear and anxiety can be brought on by so many things outside of our control, making it even harder to manage.

Results of Fear and Anxiety

Fear and anxiety result in us avoiding socialising or doing anything remotely complicated. We cannot stop imagining worst-case scenarios, even though they are unlikely to happen.

We feel alone and sometimes too scared to open up to others who don’t seem to understand. It makes us doubt our abilities and stops us from achieving our goals.

The Role of Uncertainty

Anything we feel unsure about can trigger fear and anxiety including

  • The political climate
  • Climate change and natural disasters
  • Financial uncertainty such as job security or house prices
  • Natural disasters such as floods or storms
  • Our physical health
  • Our mental health

These days there are so many uncertainties. Unfortunately, we cannot predict what will happen, but we can take measures to ensure we don’t suffer from anxiety and stress. Fear and anxiety cause us to be stuck in the past or to focus on what may come. As a result, we fail to appreciate what is happening right now.

Dealing With Fear and Anxiety

  1. What is causing these feelings? First of all, you should recognise what may be causing these feelings for you personally. What is making you worry about the future? Once identified, maybe make a list of everything that frightens you so you can analyse how likely they may become real.
  2. Minimise the time that you worry For example, if you are worried about climate change, instead of worrying every day, maybe put a reminder in your calendar to worry about it on particular days. Worrying all the time about something keeps it at the forefront of your mind and prevents you from focusing on other things or enjoying life! This might sound like a silly idea but try it and see if it works for you.
  3. Stay creative Anxiety robs us of our ability to be creative because we are more focused on what might happen rather than what we can do in the moment. For example, do not waste too much time worrying about money because this will prevent you from changing your situation somehow.
  4. Have a plan for the future Having some plan for the future and acting on the plan will give you something to focus on in the present rather than being preoccupied with what may happen in the future.


Get back on track with things that make you happy, especially when fear takes over it’s important not to let negative feelings ruin your day. Fear and anxiety are bad for your health, so try to have some quiet time alone with yourself to relax and reduce stress levels by listening to your favourite music or reading a good book. Fear of the future should not be allowed to hold you back from achieving your dreams, we need to fight against fear and remind ourselves that we cannot live like this all the time because ultimately, it will affect everything we do and who we are as a person.

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