Six Things Our Counsellors Think About You When You Become Our Client

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When you become our client, we prioritize you and your needs above all else. You may not realize it, but our unwavering focus and attention are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction. Trust us to always have your best interests in mind. When we think about you we believe…

You are not hopeless and broken

Many people feel stuck in life, but it doesn’t mean something is fundamentally wrong with them. The therapeutic journey can help uncover the genuine underlying causes of these feelings and provide an opportunity to learn how to approach your situation differently – offering a path out of difficulty and towards feeling liberated once more!

Developing a solid supportive relationship with you will help you grow when you become our client

Developing a strong, supportive relationship with your therapist can be an incredible opportunity for personal growth. During sessions, they’ll work together to help you gain insight into why certain events elicit the reactions and responses they do—and provide different strategies that will ultimately empower you on your journey of transformation. In this partnership lies much hope, drawing from patience and trust to reach desired goals.

There is no judgement when you become our client

Therapists are dedicated to helping others and positively impacting their lives. This means your therapist is not there for judgment – they strive to understand and connect with you based on the knowledge of various backgrounds such as grief, mental health or neurodiversity from different life experiences. Rest assured, knowing your sessions will be filled with understanding rather than criticism when you become our client!

It will take work

Therapy is a true investment. It requires time, energy and courage to face uncomfortable challenges and identify psychological patterns or relationships that may have prevented growth and success. Your therapist will be present as a guide through the process, but ultimately, it’s up to you how much work you put into making meaningful changes for your life journey – an effort that can pay off immensely with positive outcomes if done right!

You are not just a number who we forget about outside of the therapy session

Your therapist is with you for more than the time spent in therapy – they actively and continuously strive to improve their practice, carefully consider your notes and other potential explanations, contemplate how best to support your development during sessions…and even randomly wake up from sleep inspired by new ideas. For them, it’s not just a job but an authentic relationship built on respect that holds you in high esteem throughout its duration.

We loan you our hope when you become our client

Therapy can provide hope for those struggling with life’s challenges. It is an opportunity to share the burden and lighten your load as you partner with a therapist in search of change, growth and resilience. When you become our client, allow us to loan you our hope until yours grows strong enough – because it truly is our privilege and pleasure!

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You’ll be amazed how counselling can change your life

You will find that talking with StartPoint Counselling Beenleigh is your starting point for happy relationships and mental wellbeing.

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