Signs That Your Relationship is Deteriorating

  • Signs That Your Relationship is Deteriorating

There are several signs that your relationship is deteriorating. If you recognize some or even all these signs in your relationship, it’s time to ask yourself what the cause might be and how to solve it.

Signs that your relationship is deteriorating

  • A tendency to take each other for granted
  • Avoiding topics about serious subjects. Eventually, it will become impossible to communicate with each other without arguing
  • Spending more time apart from each other
  • Wanting less sex with your partner
  • One or both people aren’t being honest with each other about what’s going wrong – keeping secrets is occurring more and more
  • The gap between where they are now and their perfect relationship is growing larger every day
  • In the end, one partner might not even bother trying to save the relationship anymore as they have given up

Most of the time, you are aware your relationship is deteriorating. However, sometimes things move faster than you expect. If the deterioration isn’t too bad yet, you can improve your relationship by taking steps.

Steps to Save Your Relationship

Both partners need to become aware of what’s happening. You’ll need courage here; some people might not want to admit their shortcomings or that they are the reason for the decline. Be open and honest with your partner, even if it feels like you’ll be making things worse. Communication is essential. Without it, there won’t be any hope of getting out of this situation together.

During these talks, both partners need to find out more about what caused the problem in the first place. There might be something that you don’t like about your partner that can be changed or not. For example, maybe one person doesn’t clean enough, and the other gets annoyed by that fact. Cleaning becomes an issue between them. Or perhaps somebody expects their partner to behave in a certain way, but they don’t. Perhaps this is the root cause of the problem you’re having – maybe not, but it’s worth investigating either way.

It Takes Two

Both people should look at their part in the deterioration of the relationship. Sometimes, you might not realize things about yourself or how much your actions affect others around you. The main thing is to be open and honest during these talks with each other. If necessary, get an outside person involved, such as a counsellor. It will help to unearth dark secrets that may exist within your relationship that have been hidden. Then work together to fix them.

If You Are Thinking About Giving Up

It’s easy to give up on a relationship when it starts going downhill. But there are ways of making it work. You’ll need to commit to spending more time together, making the extra effort, and working to understand your partner better. Learn what makes them tick and try to find out what kind of day they’ve had. That will tell you how to interact with them. Communication is the key here. If both people can explain their feelings, then maybe you won’t end up shouting at each other every single day before bedtime.

Some couples therapy might help too, or counselling for depression or anxiety that may be affecting your relationship.

Remember that life is short

After putting in the effort, you may find that it doesn’t work out for you. Remember that life is too short to waste time on an unrepairable relationship. There might be a better partner for you out there somewhere. If you’ve already let your relationship deteriorate significantly, then sometimes it can’t be saved. The sooner you start to work on rebuilding your connection, the better.

Can My Relationship Be Saved?

To rebuild your relationship, you both will need to work on it and put in the time and effort required.

Startpoint Counselling offers a 1.5-hour relationship assessment session to identify three essential criteria.

  1. Where your relationship is currently – a detailed examination of the issues and what is driving them
  2. How do you want your relationship to be
  3. The roadblocks preventing you from achieving your ideal relationship

We will show you how to move from where you are now to where you want to be by the end of that session. Options from self-help through to full assistance are available.

Call 07 3458 1725 for more information, or book a 15-minute call with a counsellor of your choice.

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