Seven Mistakes Ending in Couples Drifting Apart

  • Relationship Failure and Drifting Apart

Taking your relationship to the next level starts with being aware of bad habits. Reading through this list can help you spot when things aren’t going right, and then course correct by taking small steps towards healthier patterns – no huge changes required! Once you become more mindful of these mistakes, it’s incredible how quickly a change for the better happens in your partnership and prevent you from drifting apart.

Making Assumptions and Drifting Apart

By forgoing the need to make assumptions about one another, relationships can become even stronger by engaging in meaningful conversations. Being relational goes beyond just being with someone – it requires genuinely listening and understanding each other. Without this partnership, people are limiting themselves from deeper connection and forcing their partner into a relationship on their own terms rather than both parties living authentically together as true equals.

Blaming Leads to Drifting Apart

Rather than pointing fingers of blame, it’s essential to recognize that both partners have an instrumental role in co-creating the relationship. Taking responsibility for our behaviour is necessary to nurture a bond and cultivate growth together – rather than absolving ourselves from any change process. It’s time we take ownership of what happens between us so meaningful shifts can occur!

Not Talking about Your Hurts and Needs to Protect Your Partner

It’s natural to want to protect your partner from hurt, but learning how to be okay with their feelings is an important skill. Instead of absorbing the burden of responsibility for their emotions onto yourself, trust them–they are capable and motivated enough not repeat whatever caused you pain in the first place! Your love isn’t a shield; it won’t stop your partner from feeling things that come up between you two. If anything, allow it as fuel for both of you to grow together beyond any obstacle life throws at either one of you.

Avoiding Difficult Conversations

You might think that the problem is going away by shying away from difficult conversations. But in reality, it’s only getting bigger and more complicated as time passes! Taking a deep breath and having those tough talks now can keep future issues at bay – much better than sweeping them under the rug.

Letting the relationship stagnate and Drifting Apart

Don’t let your relationship become stagnant – make sure you keep the romance alive! Constantly prioritize time spent together, go on regular dates and show each other they’re still worth impressing. It’s only natural for a couple to settle into their relationship but strive to be different; ignite the sparks of love with meaningful moments shared between you.

Expecting Sex to Be Spontaneous

Making room for romance can be challenging with a hectic lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean your sex life needs to suffer. Scheduling intimate time may seem unromantic at first. However, it allows you to set the stage and create an environment of anticipation – something spontaneous sessions cannot provide! With all this in mind, don’t forget: there are always sexy times on the calendar if you want them!

Not Saying Sorry and Meaning it

Apologizing can be a powerful way to repair relationships and mend wounds. Taking responsibility for our actions, even when we don’t think we’re wrong in the moment, shows that you care deeply about your partner’s feelings and want whatever pain was inflicted to heal. Too often, couples shy away from admitting fault or becoming vulnerable — but to do say makes a huge difference in the relationship.

Don’t give up on your relationship too easily – with the right effort and help, it may be possible to recover what was once great. Startpoint Counselling can show you how to make changes in a way that minimizes any pain or discomfort, so why not take advantage of our expertise? Through hard work and dedication, you could restore your connection back to its past glory- isn’t this worth fighting for?

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