Lessons Learned on Holidays Contain the Power to Revolutionise our Relationships

Without the pressure of work, regular family routines and other responsibilities we relax and start to engage in different activities. Some of these activities result in improved self-care and improved relationships.

If only you could take these benefits back into your non-holiday life and reap the benefits.

Well you can and its explained in this short 3-minute video.

We’ve just been through Christmas and New Year’s, now it’s leading up to Easter. And something special happens around these times. That is this, a lot of people take holidays.

Now, what we’re about to tell you about is applicable not only to this period but anytime you take holidays. When we really take a holiday, we are no longer subject to the business of our everyday lives and all our routines.

Which gives someone an enormous amount of time on our hands and because we have time, we do things differently.

As we start to do things differently, we start getting better results in our relationships and in our self-care. Those relationship changes are good and the self-care changes can be good.

When you get people who may be having relationship problems that may go on holidays, and they come back, they often say their relationship was really good over this last period.

And our counsellors can leave it at that or we can go that’s just wonderful. Our counsellors then ask the question…“What was good?”

When they tell us what was good, we go, what made it good? What were you doing? What were you saying? How did happen?

Because what we’re looking for are the ingredients that go into this good experience, because that’s the experience that they want.

And if it can be broken down and to get the absolute ingredients. The basic stuff that they did that gave them the experience, then we can look to see how can we capture that same experience.

Even though, the client(s) are back to their busy lives, with their routines and pressures. For some people, they will say it’s just impossible because holidays are where you got all the time to do that.

So we get this concept in order to be able to do the things we need for our relationships. As well as for ourselves, we’ve got to have lots of time, we are telling you, that’s not exactly true.

We work with both couples and individuals. StartPoint Counselling finds out how to take the ingredients that we learn and place them into our clients everyday busy lives.

Because there are ways to do it in really short periods of time to still get the results to still make things better.

That’s what we do at StartPoint Counselling

You’ll be amazed how counselling can help you better your relationship

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