I Need a New Head – This One Is Thinking Too Much!

  • I Need a New Head - This One Is Thinking Too Much

Overanalysing your routines, habits, decisions, or thoughts are called overthinking and can leave us thinking I need a new Head -this one is thinking too much!. It can be like a black hole that sucks you in without letting you go back out. When overthinking becomes a habit, it becomes a kind of autopilot where you do it without realising it.

Overthinking is the act of taking the facts and adding to them until you have created a new problem that didn’t exist in the first place. This new problem becomes overwhelming.

Some of the dangers of overthinking

Overanalysing is not necessarily a medical term, but it has been shown that the habit can lead to poor health, low productivity and emotional distress. Overthinking often includes dwelling on the past, worrying about the future or obsessing over current events.

When overthinking becomes an everyday habit, it can cause anxiety, stress, burnout, depression and other physical problems. It can even lead to drug addiction.

One of the dangers of overthinking comes from its link with rumination.

Rumination can best be described as “an extended state of internal dialogue.” This may take the form of an ongoing internal dialogue about what to do or what to say. Overanalysing certain thoughts or habits can lead to rumination. It can become an “addictive” behaviour pattern.

Overanalysing and rumination tend to have two things in common.

First, they are both characterised by an ongoing internal dialogue.

Second, they both produce a sense of anxiety and stress. When these two behaviours are combined, a person can experience overthinking and rumination and be at increased risk for depression, anxiety, burnout and other mental health problems.

It is also well known that too much time spent thinking negatively and dwelling on past mistakes can lead to regret, anger and even guilt. As you can see, all of these negative thoughts can lead to more difficulties in life, not to mention an increase in anxiety and other symptoms.

“Yeah, um I already played out this confrontation like 10 times in my head so if you could stick to the script I imagined for you, that’d be great, thanks.”

How to curb overthinking? 

Overcoming the “overthinking” tendency to ruminate is easier when you understand the relationship between overthinking and negative consequences.

One of the ways to curb overthinking comes in the form of self-awareness. When you realise that your negative thoughts create unwanted results rather than positive ones, you can begin to stop overthinking and focus on creating positive outcomes.

You cannot make things go right by being preoccupied with what can go wrong. Instead of overthinking about what can go wrong, overthink about what can go right.

Overthinking uses the part of our brain which requires the most fuel to run. The more thinking that we do, the more mentally tired we become. Focus on the things that you want in your life and not those you don’t want.

It is critical to step back from the anxious path of thought and step into a more optimistic state of mind. Every situation that you encounter will result in you having a thought and an emotion, and as a result of those thoughts and emotions, you will take a particular action.

Most people accept the thought and feelings as correct. But are they? Step back and ask yourself what other possible ways are there to look at the situation? You can start to choose different thoughts.

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Focus on what you want to happen. Think about and put more energy into what could go right in a situation rather than what could go wrong.

Easier said than done?
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