How to Stop Anxiety from Taking Over Your Life

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Overcoming anxiety is never easy. It takes a great deal of dedication and focus to overcome the condition. Sufferers of social anxiety must learn how to recognize the symptoms and develop an effective strategy for overcoming it.

These tips can prove very helpful as you work to understand the condition better and overcome it. If you’re not already using self-help techniques to treat anxiety, you may want to try to incorporate these tips into your daily life.

While not a substitute for expert treatment, self-help techniques for social anxiety can help you manage anxiety in everyday situations.

Stop Anxiety from Taking Over Your Life with these Self-Help Techniques

Breathing Techniques:
When you feel an anxiety attack coming on, take deep controlled, breaths through your nose. Count to three with each breath. As you count, gradually expand your breaths to take in eight times as much air as you took in with each count. As you increase your deep breathing, your heart rate will go down, helping you calm down.

Muscle Relaxation:
To keep your anxiety symptoms from getting worse, you need to learn how to relax your body and mind. One straightforward technique is to breathe deeply while doing a relaxation exercise.

For example, take a slow deep breath while making sure that your shoulders are completely relaxed. Do the same for several minutes every day, and soon you will notice that your fears will fade away.

To relieve stress, you can use yoga, tai chi, or other relaxation techniques to calm your thoughts, calm your body, and relax your muscles. When you do these techniques regularly, your anxiety may dissipate.

One of the most common ways people overcome their anxiety is by repeating positive statements over again. For example, “I am calm because I am breathing in healthy air. I am relaxed because my breath is moving through the air.”

These positive statements are meant to remind you of your strengths – your breath, body, and mind. When you repeat these statements to yourself often, your negative thoughts will become less.

Assertive Therapy:
If you want to stop anxiety from getting worse, you have to recognize and change your negative thoughts and beliefs. In particular, you need to learn how to change the way you respond to stressful situations.

While it’s beneficial to consult a therapist about this, it is also possible to learn some simple, assertive coping techniques, such as questioning whether what you think is happening is actually happening.

Thoughts “pop” into our head automatically, and these thoughts may have been correct at one time but are they correct in this situation.

The most effective treatment for anxiety is a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy (questioning your thoughts) and meditation.

By learning how to control your breathing and alter your thinking patterns, you can finally begin to relax, and your anxiety symptoms will slowly but steadily diminish.

Meditation allows you to focus on what is beyond your immediate experience, which helps you release the negative thought patterns associated with your condition.

You’ll be amazed how counselling can help you manage your anxiety

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