Dealing with Grief and Loss

and helping you find the meaning with it all.

Grief is the expression of the feelings that you experience when something important to you is lost. This can include the loss of somebody close to you, the end of a relationship, the loss of employment or the loss of something that you love.

When you suffer loss, grief is a normal response. Grief is expressed in various ways including sadness, anger, shock and overwhelm. The effect of grief is not just limited to how you feel but can change the way that you think about things, your ability to make decisions and your ability to concentrate.

You may wonder if the pain will ever diminish. No one can tell you how to grieve or how long it will take, but it can help to talk about it and get support from the people who care about you.

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The following stages of grief can be experienced

Not necessarily all of these stages will be experienced. The stages do not necessarily follow the order below. Stages can be experienced more than once as the grief resolves.

Denial, numbness, and shock

This stage protects the individual from the intensity of the loss. Numbness is a normal reaction to an immediate loss. To move through this stage the individual needs to come to accept that the loss has occurred.


Bargaining involves thinking about how the loss could have been avoided, specifically what could have been done differently.

Unless this stage is resolved feelings of remorse or guilt may remain.


This stage occurs in some people upon realising the extent of their loss.


The feeling of helpless and powerless can give rise to anger. This anger can be an expression of the feeling of abandonment or anger at a higher power or toward life in general.


Over time the individual comes to terms with how they feel and accept the fact that the loss has occurred. The loss can now be integrated into the individual’s life experience.


Transitioning through the stages of grief can be assisted by an empathetic counsellor.

Vanessa Heal Specialises in both Grief and Loss and Trauma Counselling. The initial session should be 1.5 hours

What our customers say

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“Tracey has helped me immensely with both grief counseling and building life skills. She is
easy to talk to, understanding, and is very good at helping you see a situation in a different
light. She has helped me through numerous issues, and I have gained confidence through
what she’s taught me. I would highly recommend her. Very knowledgeable in many areas.”

Break the Post Domestic Violence Cycle

“Kate was easy to talk to and Not judgemental about anything I spoke to her about. I am looking forward to meeting her and having our first official session. Great team to work with. I also like that they are happy to use zoom.”

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