Failing to Do This Can Sink Your Relationship

  • Resolving the Impact of the Past on Your Relationship

Core relationship needs are needs in a relationship, which are not negotiable. It is essential to know what they are because unfulfilled needs can become deal-breakers. If your partner cannot fulfil these core relationship needs, then it is likely that your relationship won’t last or at the very best will be a shadow of what it could be.

During happier times, we tolerate our needs not being met to some degree. During troubled times, our needs are more prominent, and when we feel that they are not being met we react strongly. After a period when our needs are not being met, both parties become more angry or depressed.

During these times, you will need to start communicating with each other honestly and openly to find what needs are not being met and plan how to meet them.

When you speak with your partner or spouse about their relationship needs, never use language that suggests that you are dismissive of their needs. If this happens, it can end up in an argument. Honesty in communication and attempting to understand where your partner is coming from help in strengthening a relationship.

You must never ignore your own needs if you want your relationship to be healthy and long-lasting. Your needs are as important as your partner’s needs. If either of you gets your needs ignored, it can lead to a buildup of resentment. Resentment is like acid, and it will corrode your relationship until you reach the point of no return.

Many couples tend to take each other for granted and do not take the relationship needs seriously. This results in a lack of intimacy and passion in the relationship. Lack of intimacy and passion can also lead to an absence of sex and many other problems.

A healthy, happy relationship requires equal contributions from both partners. If one partner is putting more effort than the other in their work or other activities, then the partnership will suffer due to a perceived lack of care.

If you want to meet your relationship needs and your partners’ needs, you must talk to each other about your needs and plan how you will meet them. Being mature and realistic in planning your relationship needs ensures that you will not be over-promising and under-perform, which will only erode trust.

You can do this by communicating with your partner often. Talking with your partner and conveying your thoughts, feelings, and expectations will help you understand each other’s needs and how you can meet them.

It is also important to know what your partners’ needs are and what is important to them.

If you cannot understand why a need is important to your partner, ask them and listen to the answer. Knowing how to communicate your needs will help you maintain a healthy relationship.

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