Don’t Leave Your Relationship to Fate: The Negative Outcomes of Relying on Destiny

  • Don't Leave Your Relationship to Fate: The Negative Outcomes of Relying on Destiny

When it comes to relationships, many people believe that fate will take care of the rest. They may think that if two people are meant to be together, they will find their way back to each other no matter what. But this isn’t always the case. Leaving your relationship to fate can lead to some negative outcomes.


The first outcome is complacency. When you leave your relationship to fate, you become a little too comfortable and stop putting in the effort needed for a healthy relationship. You may start taking your partner for granted and not make time for them or show them appreciation. This can lead to resentment and eventually cause a rift in the relationship.

Neglecting to Discuss the Future

Another outcome of leaving your relationship to fate is neglecting essential conversations about the relationship’s future. Suppose you rely on destiny instead of having honest conversations with your partner about where you both see yourselves in five years. In that case, you could be setting yourself up for disappointment down the line. It’s important to talk openly and honestly with your partner about what you both want out of the relationship to avoid surprises later on.


Finally, leaving your relationship up to fate can lead to heartbreak if things don’t turn out as expected. While it might seem like destiny will bring two people together no matter what, this isn’t always true, and it’s important not to put all of your eggs in one basket when it comes to love and relationships.

Preventing Negative Outcomes in Your Relationship

So how can we prevent these negative outcomes from happening?

  • The first step is communication – make sure you are talking openly and honestly with your partner about where you see yourselves in the future and what kind of commitment level each person is comfortable with.
  • Additionally, it’s important not to get too complacent in the relationship – make sure that you are still making time for each other and showing appreciation for one another regularly so that neither person feels taken for granted or neglected.
  • Finally, don’t put all of your faith into destiny – while sometimes things do work out as planned, it’s important not to rely solely on fate when it comes to relationships, as this could lead to heartbreak down the line if things don’t go as expected.


While leaving a relationship up to fate might seem easy at first glance, it can have serious negative consequences if done incorrectly or without thoughtfulness or consideration for both parties involved. It’s important to communicate openly and not get too complacent or neglectful within the relationship so that everyone feels appreciated and respected throughout its duration.

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