Did You Believe this Lie?

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One of the greatest lies ever told is that we are ordinary or average.

We are never ordinary or average. Each one of us has talents and skills to use to follow a path which will then enrich our lives and those around us.

Society, in general, would like us to believe external acquisitions are the way to measure success. As a result, we constantly compare ourselves to those around us who we see as successful and feel like we are a failure or just cannot achieve the heights that we believe we should. Eventually, we just stop believing.

We are taught to evaluate ourselves based on what we see externally. Do you have the right house, car, appliances and the right amount of money in the bank? If not, you’re deemed to be a failure.

The basis of advertising is to convince you that if you buy whatever they are advertising, then you will look and feel successful. And we buy into this idea and purchase the product.

The counsellors at StartPoint Counselling will suggest to our clients that the truth is very different. We believe that success is measured by how much we find out about who we are, what are our gifts and talents are and what we should be doing with them. Only by doing this will you find meanIng in your life.

But this truth is rejected, because you can’t use it to sell things and you can’t use it to label people. It lacks the tangibility that people need to make comparisons and make judgements.

To find out who we are, we need to check inside not outside. This task is difficult because there has been so much pressure over an extended period to assess yourself based on external achievements. The tragedy is if we do not change our focus we can never reach our full potential.

Finding the truth about yourself is essential to finding your place in life and achieving success.

A healthy relationship with yourself is the basis of all relationships in your life.

The first stage of this process is to look at what skills you have. Many people make the mistake of believing that a skill is something like being able to fly a jet fighter.

In fact, skills can be things that we regard to be very simple such as being able to organise things, good at cooking or good at sport. Sometimes your skill is that you like talking with people and can understand and help them.

People have a tendency to look at these types of skills and ask “can’t everyone do that?” Your skill is not as common as you think. Once you work out what your skills are you need to realise that the combination of skills you have is unique to you and combined with our personality is exercised in a unique way.

You are not an ordinary person; you have those skills for a reason, and there is a place for you to use those skills to benefit yourself and others.

The second step involves finding out how those skills can be utilised to express yourself as well as make an income. At this point, most people struggle and fail because they have so much self-doubt about themselves and because they don’t believe that they have the ability to utilise their skills.

We would strongly suggest that you engage professional support in this process. Other people can see what you cannot, and assist you to achieve your potential.

At StartPoint Counselling, we have helped many clients to discover their potential. If you would like to work with us and learn who you are, what your talents are and how to live a life that reaches your potentialcontact us.

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