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Repairing Broken Trust

Breaking the trust in a relationship cannot be fixed by confining the problem to the past and moving on. Rather the untrustworthy party must show they clearly understand what their partner has felt and experienced. Without this step, what follows will not be undertaken with the seriousness that it deserves.

How to Deal With Bad Situations

There’s an old saying that says “when life gives you lemons make lemonade”. It sounds positive and makes you feel like you have some control over what happened to you. Yet when life does get us lemons, through things not going the way we wanted them to, the first reaction is usually to complain about how hard life is.


How Reality Can Reduce Emotional Pain

Each of us has different life experiences. As we experience different things we explain why they happen to us by determining what experience means. People react differently to the same situation because they have a different understanding of what that situation means to them.

Moving Beyond Failure

The events of the past can leave you feeling that things will never work out for you. Your present circumstances confirm that you are not where you want to be. The future is a prediction based on your past and your present circumstances.

Failure is Not the End

Failure is disappointing. Repeated failure is soul-destroying. When we say we have failed, what we mean is we have not achieved a goal that we decided on. The goals that we fail to achieve, could actually be the goals of someone else and not our own at all.

How Do You Know When You are Ready for Change?

In my practice, clients come to me because they want to change, but the thing that I do observe is that some change and some do not.
Some people get frustrated with the process and stop coming.
Others power ahead, get breakthroughs and change their life.

So the real question is what makes it work for one, but not the other?

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Failing to Do This Can Sink Your Relationship

Core relationship needs are needs in a relationship, which are not negotiable. It is essential to know what they are because unfulfilled needs can become deal-breakers. If your partner cannot fulfil these core relationship needs, then it is likely that your relationship won’t last or at the very best will be a shadow of what it could be.