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Here’s why you’ll get the results you’re looking for.

We understand how relationships, family, finances, self-esteem, and self-worth are being impacted by our Society.

With our help, you can live, love and enjoy life again.

Your bright happy future can be achieved by working with us and deal with any stress, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, traumas and or grief.  All these emotions take their toll on our relationships.

We’ve noticed any weakness in your relationship with yourself or others can feel like it’s magnifying. This can impact our ability to think clearly and over time will affect our health, lowering our immune system at a time when we need it to be reliable.

Tracey Portrait

Tracey Janke
Dip. Couns. M.A.C.A.
Certified Life Coach
Cert. NLP Practitioner
Grad. Couples Institute
Cert. Erickson Hypnotist

About Tracey

In my life, there have been many challenging times that left me down and wanting to give up. As hard as it was I eventually got back up again, worked diligently at finding an answer and applying that answer.
Was it easy? NO! but I ended up with the results I wanted.

Like many I bought into the life plan of going to school, get a good education, get a good job, work hard and you will be successful.

I brought into the plan of putting in the maximum effort now, making sacrifices now so that you can enjoy the benefits that you will reap in the future. What nobody told me was that it is not this simple.

Most of our upbringing sets us up to fail and I did that successfully time and time again, despite the maximum effort and despite maximum sacrifice.

I was left frustrated, blaming myself for failure and beating myself up and every opportunity. After all, must be my fault. Having to live paycheck to paycheck, I couldn’t see how I could ever be in a different place.

After a lot of hard work, I ended up part owning a multimillion-dollar business. I finally thought that things were going to work out. However, the Global Financial Crises had other ideas… Eventually, things got so bad the company went into administration and I ended up bankrupt losing my house and car as well as damaging my credit rating for a period of seven years.

At the age of 50, I was faced with having to rebuild my life. I just didn’t want to do it anymore. Everything I believed in had failed again and again. I didn’t know what to do but I did know I didn’t want to do it like this anymore.

They say that if you standing in a hole then stop digging. I did that by realising that everything I based my life on to this point was unworkable. I started to question every belief I had and then started to look at the beliefs that people had who were actually achieving the things that I wanted in life.

I studied counselling because I needed to better understand what is behind people failing or being successful. It changed my understanding of life, my view of life and the results I get in life.

So now I help people to find their purpose and their power in life and relationships.

If you are looking to make a change, then your start point is a phone call away.

Kate Maginnis portrait

Kate Maginnis
Diploma of Counselling

About Kate

I am a proud parent of 3 great kids, and although I am in a great place in my life now, like everyone, I too have had my share of challenges to face and overcome. In the past, I have suffered from depression and suicidal ideation. I have come through years of the many forms of domestic violence, relationship difficulties, single parenting challenges, financial difficulties, grief & loss of loved ones and had low self-worth and made it to the other side. I felt alone, and like it was hopeless in many of these periods in my life, I felt helpless and needed help but no one in my life at the time seemed to understand or could help me.

After overcoming all those challenges, I found myself reflecting on the things I had been through, and I started thinking about others who may be going through situations as I did. It deeply saddened me to think of others suffering, feeling alone or hopeless. It was that moment that I decided I wanted to be able to be there for others and have the skills and knowledge to be able to help them see hope again, so I did my studies and became a counsellor.

My genuine empathy for other people is what has driven my passion as a counsellor and will continue to drive it throughout the rest of my working career.

If you are looking to make a change, then your starting point is a phone call away. Click the button below.

Vanessa portrait

Vanessa Heal

Diploma of Counselling

About Vanessa

Originally my life was dominated by career and wanting to achieve. I worked my way to being a branch manager for a company in New Zealand. Being responsible for 121 staff members made me feel like I was going somewhere in life.

However, it was when I started to work with the human resource side of the business that I began to see how many people came to work with issues that were happening in their everyday lives.  Issues such as domestic violence, mental health issues, grief and loss, family matters and relationship breakdowns were weighing people down.

That was when my passion for helping people through these times was born. Firstly, it was out of interest, but then it became a drive to find answers that would help people change what is happening in their lives.

Through this time, I realised that I could quickly and easily build rapport and understanding with people.

In 2008 I moved from New Zealand to Australia and decided that I wanted to focus on doing something that made a difference in people’s lives. This desire drove me to gain qualifications in counselling and start to work as a counsellor, firstly in my own practice but then through joining forces with Tracey at StartPoint counselling.

I have extensive life experience. I have known good times but have also experienced some of the worst things that life can throw at you. A marriage breakdown, learning to cope with the stress of being a single mum, working through job loss and struggling financially were all huge challenges that at times swapped me. While the bad times weren’t pleasant, they helped me to acquire the skills and understanding that I needed to help other people.

I’m passionate about working with couples to restore their relationships and just as passionate about working with individuals around mental health issues such as self-image, depression, domestic violence and suicidal and other self-harm tendencies.

Practical solutions to your current situation are my specialty.